Oracle Cloud Applications

Oracle Cloud Applications are the Leading Solutions for
Enterprises Across Industries

Oracle solutions and Cloud applications are changing the way businesses function — for the better. These products offer next generation cloud-based services designed to bridge the gap between your team’s innovative ideas and actual implementation by providing remote-access software to keep your team connected and your projects running smoothly.

Types of Cloud-based Oracle solutions

The Oracle Cloud applications span all enterprise database and cloud needs, ranging from consolidating your databases into one easy-to-access cloud to growing and monitoring talent with an HR-geared application. With these Cloud-based Oracle solutions, you will change the way your company solves problems, communicates with clients and views overall success. You will also find that this line of products will effortlessly help increase your innovation and efficiency as an organization.

The most popular types of Oracle Cloud applications include:

  • Financials Cloud: Fusion Financials Cloud Service Solutions
  • HCM Cloud: Fusion HCM Cloud Service
  • Sales Cloud: Fusion CRM Cloud Service
  • SOA Suite Cloud
  • WebCenter Cloud
  • Document Cloud
  • Process Cloud
  • API Manager Cloud

Public, private and hybrid Oracle Cloud applications

Oracle Cloud applications provide fluid solutions to connect different types of organization leaders. At EMS Consulting, we are certified Gold partners with Oracle, which means we bring an unmatched level of expertise to the table when consulting and building Oracle solutions for your business. We can build the following types of Cloud applications for your team:

  • Public Oracle Cloud applications – can be accessed enterprise-wide
  • Secured Cloud applications – used specifically for different teams or projects
  • Hybrid Oracle Cloud solution – needed to share some data with a client while keeping other data in the same project private among your internal team

Because EMS Consulting is a certified Oracle partner, we can custom build these cloud platforms to fit your needs as an expanding company.

Next steps

At EMS Consulting, we believe in offering only the best products to help your business meet its fullest growth potential. That is why we are a Gold Partner with Oracle product suite and have two decades of experience customizing each application to fit our clients’ needs. We have certified Oracle consultants to review your business needs and determine your best applications solutions.

To learn more how our Oracle solutions can make your business more efficient and productive, contact EMS Consulting today.

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