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Oracle Content Management System Helps You Increase
Optimization and Conversion

Oracle content management (CMS) is a business solution that allows enterprises to securely store, share and schedule content. This application can be accessed remotely, increasing the productivity of your team and ensuring your content deployment to your website and other platforms remains constant.

At EMS Consulting, we provide custom architecture to build Oracle’s CMS to fit your company’s specific needs. We can give security access to key stakeholders on your team to edit the documents within the CMS. With this recently added editing capability, your team can decrease clutter and duplicate documents within the system and can also improve collaboration between team members and other departments. Now, certain team members can have access to edit the original document and send it for approval without having to add any new documents to the server.

When integrated with Oracle’s webcenter content interface, this content management system allows users to share documents to internal and external users. This is beneficial when sharing enterprise documents with outside agencies and consultants before pushing it live on your website.

The Oracle content management platform can be built to fit your specific needs. With thousands of companies already using this application to improve their business processes and document sharing, this application is one of the leading content management systems in the industry.

Learn about how our certified Oracle consultants and architects can make this application work for your enterprise, contact EMS Consulting today.

Other applications of Oracle content management include:

Documents Cloud

Share, store and secure
documents in one location


Design, automate and manage your content in one application

Schedule Content

Schedule your content to be pushed live on your website and other platforms integrated with your Oracle CMS

Social Network Cloud

Collaborate with team members and other departments to discuss documents and share edits and comments


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