Press Release: EMS Consulting Welcomes Lisa Nicholas as Chief Business Architect & Strategist

Lisa Nicholas has been named Chief Business Architect & Strategist for EMS’s Financial Services Segment of their Salesforce Practice.

Lisa brings a breath of knowledge in banking and credit unions and has designed and architected multiple digital transformation engagements for over 20 years. Lisa is already innovating for EMS with the launch of the Virtual Branch Solution which will help banks and credit unions virtually connect to their customers 24 x 7 leveraging channels like chat, online scheduling, and text. Our Virtual Branch solution is defining a shift in architecture on the Salesforce platform to support banks and credit unions in a quickly evolving banking environment.

With decades of marketing experience in banking and high tech, she will lead our go to market strategies in financial services. She will provide direction and business expertise to our solution architects, engineers, and consultants.

To read the full press release, click here.

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