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EMS, a Silver Partner, specializes in cloud solutions for five global industries—financial services/insurance, higher education, health care/life sciences, retail/consumer products, communications/media

Strategy includes building teams of industry experts, creating innovative solutions and delivering transformational solutions that address major challenges for enterprises across each sector.

Comments from the EMS Executive Team…..
“As we look to grow to our Practices our new industries strategy is to enhance our current customers footprint and reach new enterprise customers and help them transform their business models and connect with their customers in new ways.

“Entire industries are seeing the power of social, mobile and connected cloud technologies up-end decades-long business models.

Our Industry focus:

Financial Services/Insurance: Salesforce solutions enable financial institutions to move beyond today’s transactional relationships with customers and identify opportunities to build lasting trust through personalized engagement.

  • Higher Education: Salesforce for Higher Ed enables you to become a Connected Campus, place students at the center of everything you do, and achieve breakthrough performance across the student lifecycle.
  •  Health Care/Life Sciences: Salesforce enables payers, providers and life science companies to connect with patients and providers wherever they are to improve the patient experience, outcomes and cost.
  • Retail/Consumer Products: Customers can accelerate brand loyalty and engagement by meeting customers wherever and however they want to shop. This connected and integrated approach across channels and locations will unlock new business opportunities and transform the shopping experience.
  • Communications/Media: solutions enable communications providers to take advantage of social, mobile and connected cloud technologies to give their teams instant access to the information they need and create a connected experience for every customer, across every product and every channel.

Higher Education

At EMS Consulting, we continue to provide professional services and tailored solutions to more than 34% of the largest universities across the country. With two decades of experience in this industry, you can be confident that our team can help you define a vision and transform and reaching the next level of performance.

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Financial Services

Salesforce for financial services is changing how the finance world reaches clients. With this application, you can create 360-degree client profiles to help you manage your clients’ goals, set alerts for when to contact you clients and track client referrals on a customizable interface. We specialize in Salesforce for insurance, wealth management, alternative banking, capital markets, banking and finance.

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EMS Consulting can help health care services provide a comprehensive set of solutions designed to improve patient engagement and customer satisfaction. Healthcare organizations must close the gap between what patient’s demand by delivering personalized and engaging experiences with their healthcare providers. By using Salesforce within health care, you can stay on top of all patient information into one access point for your health care providers and administrators.

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Commercial Services

Our team at EMS Consulting helps companies seize new business opportunities by using next generation cloud-based services across the commercial spectrum. Salesforce focuses on engaging clients, employees and partners to become effective, productive ambassadors for your company with access to real-time customer and product information, and knowledge to help them to solve problems quickly, the first time.

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