Financial Services Cloud for the Banking Industry

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud for Banking is Helping to Rebuild the
Trust Between Banks and Customers

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud understands that banking is built on trust – you can bank on that. In all seriousness, your bank thrives when your customers have confidence in your ability to protect and grow their money. When this happens, clients tell friends, and businesses tell other businesses, and pretty soon your bank is overwhelmed with potential growth from referrals.

Things between banks and customers were not always so trusting, though. When the economic crisis hit, banks had to resort to trying to cross-sell their customers in order to increase their profits, sometimes at the expense of their customers’ needs and best interests. With Salesforce for Financial Services, we can help you effortlessly put your customers back at the center of your focus so everyone succeeds.

Create customer-centered banking with Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

With Salesforce, your bank can stay abreast of the rapidly developing digital innovation and meet customers in a way that fits their lifestyle – through mobile banking. The Salesforce banking platform allows your customers to gain access to their finances, including accounts and loans, through a secured client portal. You can also have visibility into these accounts through a secured back-end login to help customers with anything they may need.

The Salesforce Financial Services portal also allows customers to make small changes to their profiles, such as changing an address, therefore freeing your schedule to focus on other more pressing matters.

Effortlessly cross-sell to your customers through the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

Our Salesforce Financial Services Cloud works seamlessly with many applications to offer more products to your clients. For example, customers can learn about the types of mortgages and different accounts your bank offers, and even chat about these products with one of your sales representatives through the secured customer portal.

When a new lead comes in for a product, your team can share information and files and assign tasks to ensure the client is fully cared for. You can also track the progress of each new referral or cross-sell in real time on your Salesforce dashboard.

At EMS Consulting, we are the leading Salesforce experts in the area of banking and financial services. Our team of certified Salesforce developers can help you implement a solution that places your customers at the center of your business and allows you to effortlessly grow your profits. Contact our team today to find out how a customized Salesforce Financial Services product will help your bank gain interest.

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