Salesforce for Credit Unions

Salesforce Financial Services platform allow your credit union to impact what matters most to you – your customers. With the rich client profiles and secured platform for team collaboration, you can make sure each customer receives your best attention and services and with the best customer experience. We help a broad range of banking and credit union customers by offering a customized and collaborative approach that combines deep industry expertise and experience. Our expertise and best practices will let you fully leverage Salesforces and enhance the way your institution interacts with your customers and members.

Start your day on the right path

Credit Unions pride themselves on being the one-stop-shop for all of their customers’ financial needs. That means that at any given time, you can be helping customers invest, save and prepare for upcoming expenses like mortgages, car loans and other lines of credit. There are a million ways you can help each customer reach their financial goals, so you need a platform that fits the many services you offer. With the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, tracking your clients through every financial season has never been easier.

As soon as you begin your day in the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, you will see a list of your daily tasks. These tasks are generated by the projects you have entered into your Salesforce dashboard. You can assign these tasks to other teammates, set reminders or even start a secured chat with your team about the task and overall project. Your dashboard and task list updates in real time, and you can access it from anywhere with the Salesforce app.

Gain a 360-degree profile of your customers

Looking to add services to your current customer base? With Salesforce for Financial Services, you can create a client profile like never before. Input key information about their lives – like family members and life changing events like births – to not only help your clients prepare for life’s financial requirements, but also to cross sell your products. For example, if you know that a client of yours has a child who is turning 16, you can mention the benefits of taking out a car loan through your credit union. The 360-degree client profile helps you effortlessly increase your lines of business while still keeping your customers at the center of your practice.

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