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The Salesforce Financial Services Cloud Helps Insurance Companies
Better Protect their Customers

The Salesforce Financial Services Cloud is changing the way insurance companies protect their clients. With omni-channel integration, secured customer portal and 360-degree customer profiles, you can be sure your clients are protected from whatever life throws at them.

Offer your clients multiple levels of protection

Salesforce for Financial Services understands that your top priority is to protect your clients. You have been in the insurance industry long enough to know that life doesn’t always attack from one angle. You have to shield your customers from auto accidents, homeowners claims and other life catastrophes. When you try to cover that many different areas, things can sometimes fall through the cracks. That is why we offer the Salesforce customer dashboard, so you can view each client’s policy from one screen to ensure the proper coverage is in place.

Many insurance CRMs have separate access for commercial and personal insurance customers, but with the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, you can access all the information you need about every policy a customer holds from one screen. The omni-channel integration makes your life easier and significantly lowers your risk of E&O claims.

Improve your cross-sells with 360-degree customer profiles

Salesforce for Financial Services allows you to stay a step ahead of your customers’ insurance needs by offering you a 360-degree view of each client. You can add important information, such as birthdays, children and hobbies, to the client profile as they come up in conversation. For example, you can set a reminder for when your customer’s son turns 15 to start discussing a new driver quote for an auto insurance policy. You can also send an email about boaters insurance when you learn that a client has a pontoon boat that he likes to take out on the weekends. With the Salesforce software, you can earn your clients’ trust by helping them stay ahead of the curveballs life will throw at them.

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