Financial Services Cloud for Mortgage Lenders

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud Simplifies Processes for Mortgage Lenders

The Salesforce for Financial Services cloud will help you create a personalized mortgage experience for each of your clients, all while streamlining your day and making sure no small details slip through the cracks.

As a mortgage professional, you understand the importance of executing each detail with care and precision for your clients to have a stress-free home buying experience. From the first-time homebuyers to the retired couple looking to downsize their house, you are responsible for making sure each client is cared for individually and receives the best rate and mortgage to fit their needs. Salesforce for Financial Services is designed specifically to help you manage your clients in an efficient and thorough manner.

Generate daily task lists for you and your team with Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

The Salesforce Financial Services Cloud helps you stay on track by generating a daily task list for you to view in your dashboard. The tasks will be chosen based on the deadline for each project and the tasks accomplished to date. For example, if you have a client who wants to close on a house in the next three months, the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud allows you to create tasks and deadlines to make sure your clients are ready to take the keys when the time comes. These daily reminders are an easy way to keep track of the many clients your brokerage is assisting.

Your Salesforce dashboard also acts as a secure platform for your team to collaborate through the following means:

  • Chatting about quick questions
  • File sharing
  • Passing notes about clients (such as upcoming birthdays and important concerns)

Provide your clients with personalized information

The mortgage process looks a lot different to a young couple buying their first home than it does to an older couple looking to buy a smaller home after retirement. These two examples of home buyers will likely have different questions about the mortgage process and different experiences to draw from. As a broker, it’s your job to meet them where they are and guide them through the process in a way that alleviates their concerns.

With the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, you can separate your clients into different categories based on their mortgage profile. This will help you send relevant, targeted information – such as emails and phone calls – to each of your clients. Link your Salesforce cloud with the Pardot app to send email drip campaigns to each of your client categories.

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