Health Cloud for Salesforce

The Health Cloud for Salesforce places patients back at the center of the healthcare industry. Chance are, you didn’t study medicine so you could do paperwork and track down other doctors – you did it to help patients. With Health Cloud for Salesforce, you can improve communication with patients before and after their visits, connect with other medical specialists in your patient’s network to gain a holistic view of your patient’s care, and automate administrative tasks that would normally draw your focus away from your patient.

Health cloud offers a secured patient portal

When you access the healthcare provider network tab on the Salesforce dashboard, you can view your patient’s collaborative-care timeline so you can make informed decisions about the next steps for treatment. The network collaboration application allows you to:

  • Access your patient’s vitals
  • View test results
  • Share information with your patient’s team of medical specialists
  • Send EMRs (emergency medical records) through a secured network portal

Connect to a network of medical specialists on the Health Cloud platform

For more information about how the Salesforce Financial Services cloud can accelerate the time you spend on administrative tasks and reduce your operational costs, contact EMS Consulting – the Salesforce Experts – today. We are certified Salesforce consultants and a Premier Salesforce Partner. Contact us today for more information about Salesforce for banking.

Connect to a network of medical specialists on the Health Cloud platform

Patients can now video chat with their doctors to discuss their symptoms in real time. Using the SOS application that integrates into Health Cloud, doctors can talk to patients via video screen on their mobile devices. During the call, doctors can access the patient’s profile and send updated information to the patient’s network of medical professionals. This service is also useful for monitoring a patient’s recovery after a procedure.

Learn more about how the Health Cloud from Salesforce will open new doors of communication between your doctors and patients. Contact EMS Consulting – certified Salesforce consultants – to schedule a demo of what this service can provide for your team.

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