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Salesforce for Higher Education gives constituents and administration the actionable data and tools they need to create a connected campus to promote student success.

Some of the biggest issues preventing colleges from engaging with their constituents includes segmented data silos, limited visibility into each department and lack of connection throughout the entire student lifecycle, which often results in a decrease in areas such as alumni involvement, donations, and student retention. The Salesforce for Higher Education platform consolidates multiple data silos into one master CRM and Source of Truth, outputting actionable solutions to help your institution connect with constituents at every point along the student lifecycle.

Additionally, your institution will experience an increase in productivity, interdepartmental collaboration and overall student success and retention after integrating Salesforce for Higher Education into your campus solutions.

Create a connected campus with Salesforce HEDA (Higher Education Data Architecture)

Salesforce HEDA is community-driven data architecture used to connect constituents and faculty across campuses. The Salesforce platform for Higher Education allows institutions to navigate and manage the entire student lifecycle, from recruitment to alumni engagement. With the integration of social, mobile and cloud technologies, Salesforce for Higher Education allows your campus to do the following:

  • Create and track a 360 view of each constituent.
  • Personalize communication efforts on the platforms and devices your students prefer.
  • Build communities where students can connect with other students, prospects, alumni and faculty to advance student success.
  • Engage alumni and track donations and gifts from one dashboard.

With Salesforce HEDA, your institution can create a unique 1:1 student experience that breaks down the segmented data silos that hinder student success.

Build student portals to increase student success

With the Salesforce for Higher Education platform, we can build a custom student portal that allows constituents to access actionable data about their academic and financial standing through a secured student login. Through this portal, students can perform the following tasks:

  • View academic standing and financial status
  • Pay tuition or make other institution-related payments
  • Sign admissions forms
  • Create service tickets for different departments
  • Access a Source of Truth to search for answers to common questions

Because this student portal connects to your institution’s Salesforce platform, your faculty can have unlimited view into student accounts and status, as well as track and respond to each service ticket generated through the portal. Additionally, the Salesforce platform will generate a notification for the assigned faculty member when a form is signed, a payment is made or a service ticket is generated.

Reduce administrative tasks at your institution

Salesforce for Higher Education is designed to help your campus keep up with the ever-changing, fast-paced flow of your constituents. By integrating Salesforce HEDA, your faculty can schedule and automate emails to constituents about upcoming events and required documents. The easy-to-use interface allows you to group students determined by specific attributes, such as school year, major of study, sport, etc.

With Salesforce automation, your administration can benefit from the following automated flow of communication:

  • Emails are sent automatically to students about upcoming events or necessary forms
  • Secured forms can be sent through the student portal
  • Integration with DocuSign allows students to sign the forms digitally
  • Administration is notified when forms have been received and signed
  • All documents and communications are stored within Salesforce for later reference

After implementing Salesforce for Higher Education, Emory University experienced an estimated 45% reduction in administrative tasks year over year.

Learn more about Salesforce for Higher Education

Salesforce for Higher Education is giving institutions the tools they need to connect with 21st century constituents. Read through the areas of the student lifecycle that are being revolutionized by Salesforce solutions. Contact EMS Consulting to learn more about the Salesforce for Higher Education platform and how it can change the way institutions engage students and alumni.

Connected Campus Checklist

Download this checklist to see if your campus is fully connected and promoting student success.


Recruiting and

Salesforce for Higher Education can help colleges and universities develop a Student Service Center where phone calls, emails, and walk-in visits from prospective and current students are aggregated at a central location. We help you enhance the recruitment process and retention by enabling you to create holistic student profiles and set up alerts for your admissions staff to remind and engage students throughout the recruitment process.

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Build your open enrollment and custom program pipeline using the industry’s leading sales tool. We will sit with your recruiting staff to identify and manage your prospects and educate them with a proper pathway to success. You can even share information and conversations across different departments with the cloud aspect of this platform.

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Advising and

Salesforce for Higher Education can help you increase your student success by alerting different faculty across departments about a student’s performance. You can set up automatic alerts and check-in points for at-risk students, and even introduce these students to other students in the same field of study through custom student community platforms.

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EMS Consulting can help you engage your alumni through the social platforms they already use. We can set up marketing campaigns for email, direct mail, social media, text, phone and community events. even allow you to manage relationships with donors by creating custom campaigns and announcements, and then following up with lead nurturing tactics automatically programmed into Salesforce.

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Student Services

By using Salesforce for Higher Education, you can access a holistic view of each student’s profile and case history, and set up alert systems to email students about upcoming tasks and deadlines. To make your admissions office more efficient, this work can be automated.

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Career Services

Now you can create the proper tools to develop relationships between student job seekers and alumni working in their field. Sort your alumni and students into groups based on their career and field of study, and send out automated alerts about upcoming meetings and networking events.

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Corporate Relations

Salesforce for Higher Education will help you identify the right tools and best practices to manage your interactions with corporate partners, internships, project sponsorships, community engagement and collaboration.

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