The Sky is the Limit with Salesforce Solutions and Cloud Technology

Delivering Tailored Solutions

The Salesforce platform offers new ways of managing your business using process accelerators to rapidly build and integrate applications. With Salesforce, your business can become more streamlined and productive through internal processes, and more profitable through external client relationship applications. Whatever your industry and pain point, there is a solution that can be customized specifically to your use case.

Some of the immediate benefits of integrating Salesforce solutions within your current process include:

• Collaboration between team members about targeted prospects and customers
• In-depth view of client profiles, projects and upcoming deadlines
• Real-time view of tasks and sales progress
• Secured sharing for documents and recorded conversations within the application
• Appointment reminders to team members regarding certain projects

Get the maximum value from your investment

Our team members have designed, architected and delivered some of the most complex and technically challenging CRM implementations on record. We have also provided many elegant and simple systems that streamlined a business process or improved client visibility within the sales team.

At EMS Consulting, we contribute unique solutions to your organization’s growth and productivity. We combine extensive domain expertise, technology savvy with proven methodologies to ensure the success of your roll out. Our consultants bring a proven, real-world understanding of how organizations can use the Salesforce platform to create amazing transformation for customers, partners, and employees.

With over 200 projects delivered our Salesforce experts can deliver your vision:

  • Create your vision and turn it into your desired future state blueprint
  • Deliver innovative solutions quickly by starting with proven experts with successful history
  • Create innovative solutions with our platform experts and developer community
  • Fully integrate Salesforce with your marketing, customer service, order management, quoting, and other critical systems with our proven integration expertise and tools.
  • Involve key stakeholders in order to successfully integrate people, process and systems

With nearly two decades of experience, and our end-to-end capabilities, customers bring us their biggest challenges, knowing we’ve got what it takes to bring a new business vision to life.  We will orchestrate your creative and marketing capabilities with the industry insight required to help transform your business.

Create, Build and Transformation with EMS

EMS has nearly two decades of combined CRM industry experience. We can help your organization formulate a Salesforce strategy and take your investment to next level with smart, right sized solutions. At EMS Consulting, we implement Salesforce applications to increase enterprise growth and collaboration. Our Salesforce professional service include:

Sales Cloud
Service Cloud
Community Cloud
Marketing Cloud
Health Cloud
Financial Service Cloud
Customer/Partner Communities
Einstein Analytics

Integrating Salesforce into existing systems

In our history, our customers seldom use CRM systems as standalone solution. CRM systems are linked to existing information systems within the organization, which include financial data, contact data, order and product data including data from ERP systems. The compatibility of the Salesforce CRM platform requires integration planning with existing systems.
For over a decade, EMS Consulting has been integrating Sales, Service, and Marketing cloud solutions from for years with many middleware platforms. For example, we have integrated with SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, E-Business Suite, and many other custom legacy financial and HR systems. Complex middleware solutions such as MuleSoft, Informatica, Jitterbit, and Oracle SOA Suite, no longer hold any secrets for us.

Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud lets you gather data about customer interactions, increase conversions, and manage all sections of your sales process from anywhere, at any time. With just one touch, you can view where your potential clients are in the sales process and the revenue earned from your recent campaign. These tools and features can be customized to specifically fit your company’s accounts, territories, products, and more.

Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud takes the guesswork out of building campaigns at every stage. Integrate what you know about your customers and then apply that intelligence to shape a successful campaign strategy. Automate your campaign and calculate your ROI through the simple, user-friendly dashboard — all within Marketing Cloud. The engaging marketing features of this cloud rank it as one of the best cloud services for organizations who want to increase their lead generation.

Einstein Analytics

Einstein Analytics is much more than business intelligence — it’s a purpose-built suite of apps for every line of business. Now your entire organization can instantly get important answers and start making data-driven decisions. Einstein Analytics will transform the way your company uses analytics, and make every employee more valuable.

Work from any device, Einstein Analytics was designed mobile-first and optimized for tablet, phone, and watch. Now all your team members can slice and dice data, no matter where they’re working.

Financial Service Cloud

Salesforce’s Financial Services Cloud is focused on personalization of wealth management. The Financial Services cloud contains a repackaging of existing tools with a heavy emphasis on growing accounts and assets under management for customers with a mix of automation, analytics and engagement

Both large and small financial services firms and small advisories can benefit from the outreach and Financial Services Cloud tools that include:

  • Client Profiles and Client Households, which give advisors a view of each client and network. Design and build 1:1 relationships.
  • Wealth Home Page automates admin tasks so advisors can be more productive.
  • Collaboration tools to consult with investors on an ongoing basis.

Service Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud lets users engage and interact with their customers using all known business channels and avenues, be it video or even social media. This case management solution helps businesses manage customer cases and other issues from a single, unified interface that is accessible via laptop, tablet, and smartphone.

Customers can also enjoy the benefits of Salesforce Service Cloud as they can tap into the system’s knowledgebase and get in touch with other members of the communities as they look for solutions for their issues. With this feature-rich configuration, Salesforce Service Cloud becomes a platform that increases customer loyalty and improve customer retention.


Pardot is a marketing integration tool that helps convert your leads into sales. This system sorts through your email captures to assess the most qualified leads based on a customizable scoring system. Once these leads are assigned, effortlessly funnel them into marketing campaigns that integrate with Salesforce, so you can track each potential client’s progress from initial contact to final contract. As the leading Salesforce experts, we can help you integrate and customize both solutions to match your business needs.

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