Health Cloud and EMS Consulting for Healthcare and Life Sciences

Healthcare organizations, providers and payers face new challenges every day as it relates to marketing to their clients and patients, but they are also seizing new opportunities as they are presented.

As the population ages it places a burden on resources across the continuum of care. New regulations and technologies are giving patients more control than ever over their own care, and the freedom to choose innovative providers that are able to deliver personal service.

Salesforce for Healthcare is ready for this new world, with a platform that connects conversations, devices, processes, services, and patient data in a whole new way.

Health Cloud lets you get to know the person behind the patient and provides a panoramic view of each patient, connected throughout the healthcare community. For years, experts have predicted all the ways technology could disrupt, transform, and improve the healthcare industry. Salesforce helps industry leaders deliver that vision with unprecedented speed, and EMS Consulting can make sure you are taking full advantage of all the product has to offer, reaping the greatest benefit, and earning the highest return from your investment.

In addition, Life Sciences companies are facing new challenges on all fronts. People have longer life spans. Patients have higher expectations. Companies are under increasing pressure to produce new and better therapies and devices, manage global growth, and comply with tough global regulations.

Salesforce for Life Sciences is optimized to handle the industry’s unique needs, leveraging cloud, mobile, and social technologies to help companies innovate, transform, and succeed.

Health Cloud lets you integrate directly with back-end data sources, making the right information easily accessible in the patient profile. You can even gain additional insights from patient medical device information — including wearables — such as glucose levels, sleep patterns, and activity measures. Let EMS be the partner that brings your life sciences business to the forefront, leveraging the technology that was designed with one singular purpose, to make you succeed.

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What Health Cloud Can Do For Your Patient Care Process & Electronic Health Records

Health Cloud does all this to set up things:

  • Creates an individual record for a new patient. An individual record brings together information about a patient from both the Account object and the Contact object, linked by the Individual ID.
  • Creates an account for a new patient and assigns a new patient the Patient role.
  • Creates a contact record for a new patient. Her contact record is linked to her account through the Individual ID.
  • Creates a care plan (that is, a case with a CarePlan record type) so that the page layout for the care plan appears automatically. The care coordinator, is the new patient’s patient manager, so the care coordinator automatically becomes the owner of the case
  • Adds the case that represents the care plan to the account record.
  • Creates a case team with the new patient, and adds the care coordinator to it.
  • Adds the new patient’s account ID to the Patient record.

Doesn’t that seem like it is simple, straightforward and could increase efficiencies for your patient care team?