Listening to customers and engaging with them across every channel: email, social, web, and mobile. Would you like to automate and manage every campaign, publish content, analyze results, and optimize as you go?
EMS Consulting offers companies the opportunity to widen their service offering to include a more holistic solution to their clients who are looking for solutions for lead generation, lead nurturing and marketing automation as well as the planning and management of digital marketing campaigns, SMS and email communications.

By offering a digital strategy and approach of Marketing Cloud, EMS Consulting, long known for transforming the way their clients do business and creating a best-in-class client experience is now positioned to provide additional focus on the creative side of the Salesforce platform. EMS will continue to position itself as an organization with vast industry experience, unparalleled commitment to client service, and a clear dedication to help companies reposition themselves and their businesses through the use of cloud based technology.

Marketing Automation
B2B versus B2C marketing comparisons are important to understanding when choosing the most effective marketing automation platform for your business. There are very important differences between marketing to other businesses and marketing to consumers. Not understanding, or ignoring these differences can cause a considerable waste of both time and money.

B2B marketing has a longer sales cycle typically, often months, to a smaller target audience (usually no more than 100,000 prospects) and requires a consultative approach to selling. The ticket price may be higher and there may be several people involved in the purchase decision.

B2C or direct to consumer sales can have a limitless number of prospects, with a shorter sales cycle of anywhere from mere minutes, to a few days. Only the consumer needs to be convinced of the products value, and a sale can usually be triggered by emotion.

Salesforce offers two products for marketers using Service, Sales and Commerce Cloud. The first, for targeting B2B, is Pardot. Check out the product overview of Pardot here. The second is for targeting B2C and is called Marketing Cloud. If your goal is to sell direct-to-consumer, then take the time to review this information regarding Marketing Cloud.