Service Cloud Customer Engagement

A well planned customer experience strategy is critical and determines your success and defining the ultimate customer experience can be overwhelming. With Salesforce service cloud you can start your journey with every touchpoint in mind. From self-service portals to knowledge management, live chat software to mobile service, the Lightning Console delivers the tools your agents need in a unified, multi-monitor desktop, giving them a complete view of the customer and a single source of truth.

Case Management Best Practices

Successfully growing your business and scaling customer success is embedding best practices into your customer service solution. The basic concept of case management involves the timely collaboration of quality services to address customer needs in a cost-effective manner.

Deliver Consistent Service Across Channels

Service Cloud is the cloud-based customer service solution that brings together all of your support channels, so your agents can deliver service to your customers seamlessly, regardless of how they contact your service department.

Knowledge Base Support

Using knowledge base can save your inside team an incredible amount of time because Knowledge articles put a wealth of information at your agents’ fingertips whether on a desktop or mobile device — via Salesforce1. Knowledge management capability provides easy to create, easy to access content that can be delivered both internally to customer service representatives (CSRs) and across all major service channels to the customer for real-time updates and deflection of frequently-asked-questions.

Track Entitlements and Service Contracts

Entitlement processes let you design timelines that include all the steps that your support team must complete to resolve support records like cases or work orders.
Entitlement management is highly customizable, you have full control of which features you use and how you set them up. With the Milestones feature in the Lightning Console, agents can track service contracts such as warranties, subscriptions, or service level agreements to ensure that the agreed upon response or resolution times are met.

Omni-channel Support

Omni-Channel Presence and Routing intelligently routes work based on the business’ priorities. Work is pushed to employees in real time and screen popped directly into the Service Console, offering up an in-context view of the customer across all channels.

Workflow and Approvals

With Service Cloud, you can create workflow rules and approval processes lets your organization automate many of the tasks involved with managing its knowledge base. When implemented with Salesforce Knowledge, approval processes give you additional control over the content of your articles and the process used to approve them

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