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EMS Consulting provides support and sales services for AEs, SEs, & RVPs in all subdivisions of health and life sciences. 

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Our Numbers: Certifications and Partnerships

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Some HLS certs that distinguish us from others are:

  • Platform Developer I (7)

  • Salesforce Certified Administrator (24)

  • Advanced Administrator (12)

  • Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Email Specialist (3)

  • Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder (18)

  • Sharing & Visibility Designer (3)


EMS is trusted by many organizations to get the job done. To help our clients get the best experience, we’ve partnered with the following organizations:

  • MuleSoft
  • X
  • X

To learn more about who we’ve partnered with, click here to see the whole list.

Latest Success Stories

We’ve helped hundreds of different clients with their Salesforce ventures. See what those clients have to say about us.

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