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Engaging with customers across digital channels is the norm nowadays.

Wouldn’t you like to automate and manage every campaign, publish content, analyze results, and optimize as you go?

EMS Consulting offers companies the opportunity to include a more holistic solution to their clients through Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Marketing Cloud helps companies manage and generate leads, automate marketing, as well as plan and manage all digital communications.

Bring Your Multi-Channel Marketing Dreams to Life

EMS Knows All of Marketing Cloud

Advertising Studio

Create advertising audiences using your own first-party customer data, then securely send them to your native social media advertising platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn where you can target them with your content and advertising.

Social Studio

Social Studio can help your marketing team plan and schedule your content faster than ever before. Engage with your community base and conduct social listening studies with Topic Profiles and hashtag tracking. You can even classify your posts to create meaningful and actionable reports and dashboards.

Mobile Studio

Communicate with your customers using SMS, directly in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. EMS will help your team with the initial short code setup, carrier approval, and keyword configuration. From there, you can add SMS messaging to journeys!

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation has become a crucial part of the most effective marketing strategies today.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows you to build intelligent audience segments, engage with customers when and where they prefer, and personalize their experience across all marketing channels.

Personalized Journeys

With Marketing Cloud, you position yourself so that you are able to engage more directly with your customers through one-on-one personalized interactions that promote trust and loyalty.

For our clients, it’s the difference between sending a generic email offer and sending highly personalized emails.

We Know Datorama Too!

EMS offers several ways to implement Datorama, from Quick Starts to fully custom data connections.

We’re the Marketing Cloud Partner You’ve Always Wanted

New Marketing Cloud Implementations

Whether implementing a standalone Marketing Cloud instance or with a Salesforce Cloud CRM, the experts at EMS Consulting are here to help. From data architecture to healthy subscriber management, we’ll make sure your marketing team has a solid foundation to craft beautiful customer experiences in Marketing Cloud on day one.

Marketing Cloud Assessments

With power and flexibility comes great responsibility. Let our team of experts take the time to comb through your instance and call out missed features, non-compliance with CAN-SPAM, industry best practices, recommendations, and how to fix issues that can lead to expensive overages.

Data Architecture & Subscriber Management

The health of your Marketing Cloud instance depends greatly on its data model, data architecture, subscriber management, and integrations. Our team will help architect a data model and subscriber management schema that supports your company’s goals.

Journey Design & Development

Marketing Cloud makes it easier to build and automate targeted, personalized emails to your customers. EMS can help design and develop journeys for onboarding, relationship building, sales and service, or even custom journeys designed by you!

Marketing Cloud For Every Industry

For Credit Unions, Banks, & Financial Services

Earn your members’ and banking customers’ trust with the personalized experiences and 1-to-1 communication they truly deserve from their financial institution.

For Healthcare & Hospitals

Elevate the care you provide to your patients by connecting and communicating with them through the channels that feel most comfortable for them.

For Higher Ed & Universities

Impress your tech-savvy student body, faculty, and contacts with emails and content tailored to their preferences, major, department, or other segment data.

For Retail & E-commerce Companies

Make your customers feel special and cultivate brand loyalty at scale with automated journeys, emails with dynamic content, and so much more.

Ongoing Marketing Cloud Support & Managed Services

Through EMS’ Cloud Advisor program, you and your marketing team can have ongoing monthly access to Marketing Cloud development support, strategic consulting, journey building, and anything else to enhance your team’s ability to make the most of Marketing Cloud. Whether you need a handful of hours or a whole bucket, EMS can help!

Let's Talk About Your Implementation or Ongoing Services Needs