Salesforce for the Whole Credit Union

Credit unions everywhere are adopting Salesforce Financial Services Cloud (FSC) to completely transform the credit union banking experience for their members. FSC can unify your member data from your core and other systems and bring it into a modern, easy-to-learn interface that empowers both member-facing and back-office operations teams to deliver exceptional member experiences.

Demo of Financial Services Cloud

Salesforce for Member-Facing Branches & Call Centers

  • Manage and track new Leads, Referrals, and Opportunities on their way to becoming new credit union members
  • View and explore important customer relationship information without having to jump from system to system
  • Customize Salesforce environments by Department with Page Layouts, so everyone can prioritize the data and features their team uses the most
  • Take advantage of predictive intelligence by adding Tableau CRM (also known as Einstein Analytics) to the mix

Salesforce for Credit Union Operations

  • Create and manage Cases and Tasks within your own department and even across other departments with file attachments, account notes, and more
  • Customize and deploy your own Workflows and Apps to automate internal processes, approvals, and escalations
  • Design and share Reports on anything being tracked in Salesforce, and create powerful Dashboards to visualize it all
  • Employ your own change management tracking to keep your auditors, compliance officers, and risk managers informed on what matters most to them

Salesforce for Credit Union Executives & Innovators

  • Integrate your core, LOS, and other critical system data into Salesforce for a true 360-degree view of your entire organization, across every department
  • Achieve new levels of organizational transparency with Salesforce Reports and Dashboards – and act on those insights faster than ever before
  • Pave the way for more “build it yourself” initiatives such as building your own loan application forms, integrated website forms, service request forms, and more
  • Know that your member and organizational data is safe with Salesforce Shield

Your New Salesforce Credit Union Tech Stack

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud (FSC)

One of the biggest benefits of adopting Salesforce FSC is how truly connected your credit union can become, at both the technological and human levels. Centralizing your member data into the Salesforce means everyone in your organization can interface with fewer systems, has fewer logins to remember, can help members much faster, and consumes fewer user licenses.

  • Eliminate departmental barriers by giving everyone in the credit union a way to assign, manage, and escalate Tasks, Cases, and Events — even across other departments.

  • Empower member-facing representatives to build Households and track Life Events for more meaningful member interactions and marketing.

  • Automate your managers’ and leaders’ most time-consuming reports and critical KPIs, giving them more time to lead and strategize with their teams.

Salesforce Integrations with Core, LOS, & More

Integrations really bring your Salesforce ecosystem together and will help aid in the adoption of Salesforce across your whole organization. It’s important to include the most critical systems and data while slating extras for future phases. Common credit union integrations with Salesforce include:

  • Core transactional systems such as Jack Henry Symitar, Fiserv, and many more

  • Loan origination systems like Encompass, nCino, Blend Mortgage LOS, Fusion Mortgagebot, and more

  • Collections management systems

  • Card management systems

  • Almost any other legacy system

MuleSoft for Credit Unions

Credit Unions with complex system integration needs should consider adding MuleSoft to their roadmap. MuleSoft helps organizations overcome countless technical and integration hurdles and can even help older legacy systems behave like modern, API-led platforms.

  • Simplify your tech stack integrations and lessen the impact of changing core and legacy systems in the future.

  • Enable older, even outdated legacy systems to act like modern, API-led platforms with real-time data flow.

  • Unify your entire credit union data model and unlock your member data across the entire organization; no more data silos.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud for Credit Unions

With Salesforce Marketing Cloud connected to FSC, you can leverage your data to start transforming your member experience with automated and triggered omni-channel interactions.

  • Send highly personalized emails to deepen member relationships.

  • Organize your members into segments like shareholders, depositors, borrowers, commercial relationships, and more.

  • Onboard, cross-sell, and educate your customers with automated journeys when they apply for new services, open new accounts, and experience significant life events.

  • Build social media audiences with Advertising Studio using your member data.

  • Stop bugging IT every time you need a new member list; FSC synchronizes member data into Marketing Cloud every 15 minutes!

Is It Time To Transform Your Credit Union?

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Ongoing Salesforce Support For Credit Unions

The EMS Consulting Cloud Advisor program will give you ongoing, monthly access to our team of certified Salesforce platform experts. Instead of directly hiring individual resources that know these areas, EMS can provide access to all of these areas of expertise for one monthly price:

  • Salesforce FSC, Sales, and Service Cloud
  • nCino
  • MuleSoft
  • Marketing Cloud or Pardot
  • Datorama

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