The EMS Reach Methodology


Start the project effectively, establish collaboration, set-up project working procedures and create the foundation for overall project success.


Understand the client’s business needs and apply EMS thought leadership and best practices to define and plan for a high-value solution.


Create the salesforce-enabled solution by involving key client resources throughout the iterative development.


Help the assigned client SMEs validate that the solution delivers the business needs as defined and identify any agile refinements to be made.


Officially release the solution and provide the necessary monitoring and post-release support for the system users.

Salesforce Implementations

Salesforce Services


What Is It?

The Einstein platform by Salesforce is an intelligent tool embedded in their cloud. It helps an organization identify the most crucial business insights, predicts the implications of these insights, and offers recommendations on the best course of action.

What Will It Do For Me?

Einstein is truly designed from the ground up as a productivity tool for any user to take actions guided by advanced analytics in any Salesforce Cloud. Whether you are a marketing campaign manager, an account executive, or a customer service rep, Einstein’s embedded analytics:

  • Making sense out of Unstructured Data
  • Bring data to you, rather than you looking for data
  • Infuse insights and predictions within your business processes
  • Facilitate confident actions based on predictions
  • Enable an intelligent experience for your customers, vendors, and operations

Use Cases for Any Industry


  • Territory Scoring
  • Lead Scoring/Propensity to buy
  • Likelihood to Renew
  • Agent/Adjustor pairing
  • Claim Chatbots
  • Client Attrition Risk


  • Intelligent Lead Routing
  • Intelligent Forecasting
  • Lead source scoring and rating
  • Referral Partner forecasting and alerts

Retail Banking/Credit Unions

  • Retail Credit Scoring
  • Central Bank Survey Parsing
  • Next Best Offer
  • Lifetime Value of Customer/Member
  • Predictive Services
  • Call Center Analytics
  • Case Deflection + Chatbots
  • Referral Management

Wealth Management

  • Attrition Risk
  • Lead/Referral Sources
  • What needs attention?
  • Activity Outcomes
  • Product Portfolio Mix

Silver Package

4 Weeks

Einstein Analytics Security Setup including:

Reports, Dashboards, 1 Story, Analytics Studio

Gold Package

8 Weeks

Einstein Analytics Security Setup including:

More Reports, Dashboards, Stories, Analytics Studio, Insights, and Recommendations

Platinum Package

12 Weeks

Einstein Analytics Security Setup including:

Even More Reports, Dashboards, 2 Stories, Analytics Studio, Next Best Action, Recommendations, Insights, and Predictions

Cloud Advisor

Why Choose It?

Our Salesforce Cloud Advisors will be an extension of your organization. We have selected team of Salesforce experts to support your organizations requirements when you most need it. EMS provide competitive pricing comparable to hiring a single resource, but with a wide range of skillsets that are nearly impossible to find in one person.

What’s Included?

The focus of our EMS Cloud Advisor service offering includes: Project Oversight/ Management, Configuration & Development, Strategy & Design and Technical Support! We offer a hybrid model of support with a choice of Advisor Plans to fit your needs.

What Will my Advisor Do?

Your Advisor will help you uncover innovative opportunities to optimize value from your investment. Instead of just depending on one resource, you’ll get the knowledge and experience from the entire Cloud Advisor Delivery Services team with over 100+ certifications. We understand all aspects of the Salesforce Platform and can help guide you.


  • Personalized support model of Advisors
  • Coverage 52 weeks/year
  • In-depth functional & technical skillsets
  • Extensive MuleSoft integration experience
  • Program oversight to meet critical deadlines

The Resources We Provide

  • Business Transformation
  • User Adoption, Training & Change Management
  • Communities/Portals
  • Configuration/Development
  • Integration Design & Support
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Strategy & Planning

Change Management

Change Management for Banking, Credit Unions, Mortgage . . . Why Choose It?

Financial institutions spend an average of 6-8 months selecting a CRM system – defining business goals, building a business case and hosting countless demos.  Now the real work begins! To ensure the project is successful, attention to business process and change management is key. A properly planned and implemented CRM project allows a bank or credit union to improve the customer experience.

CRM projects focus specifically on the deepening of customer relationships, and the process by which these relationships are developed becomes a critical part of the project. Change management is an approach that incorporates strategies, people and tools in order to ensure that the changes being implemented achieve what they are intended to do.

The Benefits

  • Reduce the impact that change has on an organization, its culture, its people, and its ability to fulfill its vision and mission.
  • Encourage personal growth and development through various coaching and learning opportunities.
  • Provide tools and resources that facilitate clearer and more consistent communication.
  • Select the proper tools that individuals and organizations need in order to implement change in the least disruptive, most efficient, and effective way.

Where to Start?

  • Outline a Vision.
  • Involve Users. Early & Often!
  • Executives Lead the Charge.
  • Develop a Change Management Plan.
  • Measure Progress.

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