Marketing Cloud Intelligence Harmonizes Your Marketing Data

Marketing Cloud Intelligence aggregates data from any of your marketing and advertising sources and easily combines them together into a single source of truth.

Quickly analyze your marketing data, spin up powerful visualizations, and spot actionable insights without having to manipulate spreadsheets or write complex code.

Use any of the dozens of Marketing Cloud Intelligence API connections to bring your data in directly from the source, and let Marketing Cloud Intelligence do the heavy lifting of harmonizing it so you can easily query against it.

Centralizing and harmonizing your marketing data eliminates the need for time-consuming, manual analyses of siloed performance data. Now you can see your web analytics alongside your Facebook Ad spend, next to your Marketing Cloud email data.

Analyze, Visualize, & Share with Marketing Cloud Intelligence

With all of your marketing data in one place, Marketing Cloud Intelligence continues to shine by providing powerful visualizations to give you that 360-degree picture of your marketing data.

Endless Data Connections

Merge data from multiple sources to provide a 360-degree view of your marketing efforts

Powerful Filters

Add filters to slice and dice the data to your needs

Dashboards for Everyone

Create dashboards for specific audiences so you can share your Marketing wins with other teams and senior management

Ready to Implement Datorama? We’re Your Partner!

Take your Marketing data analysis to the next level with EMS Consulting.
We are a Certified Marketing Cloud Intelligence Partner and here to help you spend your time visualizing and understanding your data, rather than building spreadsheets.