Minimize your hiring process, timelines, risk and turnover.

Utilizing EMS Consulting’s Talent-as-a-Service solution, any organization can unlock the power of Salesforce in a new way while increasing efficiency and saving on operational costs. Talent-as-a-Service provides you with a smooth, breezy experience that keeps you away from the hassle and cost of hiring resources yourself. But what’s even more beneficial is that we do the screening and quality control for you.

Quick Benefits of Our Talent-as-a-Service Solution

Immediate knowledgeable experts

On-demand when you need them

Increased project success

No project delays after license purchase

Simple resource fulfillment

Run at Top Performance on Every Project, Every Day with Certified Consultants

We find, evaluate, and provide qualified:

  • Functional Architects

  • MuleSoft Integration Experts

  • Technical Architects

  • Change Management Experts

  • Certified Admins

  • Marketing Automation Experts

  • Salesforce Developers

  • Quality Assurance Experts

Extend Your Team Capacity with Salesforce Experts

Mitigate Risks

The risk of employee turnover drastically impacts your projects. With turnover, the process has to start again, which costs a lot of money and time. But when you hire people through Talent-as-a-Service, the risk isn’t all that severe. We keep the process simple and you can immediately hire another person with minimum stress.

Access to Top Talent

With Talent-as-a-Service, you have access to some of the best consultants. You can sign on with a large project and EMS will supplement the resources required on your side. No matter how rare of a skill you are looking for, you’ll not have any trouble finding the best fit for your ongoing efforts. We have access to a much large talent pool than you do. Why? It saves you a ton of money, saves time and resources, and gets you the best Talent according to your company’s requirements and project needs.

Lower Costs

If you are hiring resources via in-house or agencies, there is a good chance you might be spending a big chunk of your money on the process. If you are looking to cut costs and put that money towards other projects, then TaaS is your ticket. TaaS also allows you to hire help on project-based work without offering them any company benefits.

Managing Workload

In situations like this, TaaS is the most viable solution. You can hire the best talent available on a project basis without spending a ton of money. Its flexible, easy and quickly launched without an arduous candidate search with the right capabilities.

Top Performance is a Top Priority

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