Past Webinars & Events

The Undeniable Impact of Data Cloud
(Formerly known as Customer Data Platforms or CDPs) with First Horizon Bank

Ready to take customer experience and marketing to the next level?

Join us for a deep dive into Data Cloud, their impact on the bottom line, and the details around implementation. We will hear from Erin Pryor, EVP & CMO for Horizon Bank on the before and after for the business. Then Eirik Ackerman, Marketing Cloud Practice Manager at EMS Consulting, will take us through key features and use cases of Data Cloud.

Speakers: Erin Pryor, EVP, CMO & CX at First Horizon Bank | Eirik Ackerman, Marketing Cloud Practice Manager at EMS Consulting | Jon Pierre Millan, VP of Enterprise Relationships at EMS Consulting

Cracking the Core Webinar Series:
Unlocking the Power of Symitar Integration

Integrating to core banking systems is a major component in a successful digital transformation. In this series, we will look at popular systems and hear from those that experienced the integration.

This webinar series discusses the power of unlocking and integrating core banking systems with the Salesforce platform. It will be focused on the benefits, challenges, techniques to overcome, and impacts of having access to data.

Speakers: Art Peters, Former COO at DOW Credit Union; Josh Wilson, VP of Sales at EMS Consulting; Nate Alessandro, Development Practice Manager at EMS Consulting, and Randy Wandell, VP of Technology at EMS Consulting

Driving Profitability with CRM
In Uncertain Economic Times

Banks and Credit Unions are facing new and unique challenges as the US economy continues to change with higher inflation, waning consumer confidence and uncertainty about how high rates will continue to rise.

The question facing everyone in the industry is “How can we continue to grow profitably in the face of this uncertainty?”.

Learn more about how your peers in the industry are using the Salesforce platform to focus on the following initiatives heading into 2023:

  • Technology Advancement
  • Evolving Customer Expectations
  • Economic Conditions
  • Competitive Threats

You’ll walk away with a greater understanding of how peers in your industry are leveraging Salesforce to drive a single view of the client to increase profitability and more personalized interactions

Speakers: Jim Collins, Sr. Director of Financial Services at Salesforce and Laura Sullivan, EVP, Chief Marketing Officer at Hancock Whitney

Transforming Your Mortgage Business:
A Webinar Event with Renasant Bank

Discuss mortgage market challenges, hear how Renasant Bank is overcoming those challenges, and experience one of EMS Consulting’s most widely used integration solutions, The Encompass Connector.

In the first half of this content-packed hour, EMS CIO, Linda Reid, and award-winning Renasant Banks’s Sales Innovation & Marketing Manager, Sarah Colvin, will discuss challenges in the mortgage market both past and present. This dynamic duo will also go over how these challenges have been addressed within the bank as well as future solutions in the works. Additionally, we will hear about the bank’s journey of utilizing and transitioning different systems successfully, and the flexibility of the Salesforce solution in transitioning to their newest needs/systems.

Secondly, experience an in-depth demo and Q&A session for one of EMS Consulting’s most widely used mortgage system integrations, The Encompass Connector for Ice’s Encompass and Salesforce CRM.

Hosted by: EMS Consulting

Transforming Your Customer Experience in Financial Services
with Experience Cloud and Salesforce

Give your customers the best experience.
Sometimes seeing is believing, so Salesforce and EMS Consulting have put together incredible examples of how organizations are using customer-facing and internal communities to put the power in the users’ hands. Let us show you how to think outside of the box and get creative in building a unique experience for your customers.

In this event, you will:

See how others have created unique portals and gateways
Understand the value and return that comes with providing your customer the right experience
Hear from both Salesforce and EMS consulting and see demos from live environments
Leave with more clarity around what’s possible for your organization

Co-Hosted by: EMS Consulting and Salesforce

Moneyball: Unlock the Power of Data and Analytics
with Salesforce and EMS Consulting

Baseball gets it. The sport is using data and analytical insights to make game-changing predictions. As wealth management firms and other financial institutions transform digitally, the use of data is a must or your organization is already behind the curve.

Join us as we explore the power of your data. So many have moved to a better data model, but are still confused about how to use what they have. By the end of this hour, you will understand why you need an analytics platform, the power of it and why Salesforce is the best choice.

Co-Hosted by: EMS Consulting and Salesforce

Tips For Migrating To Financial Services Cloud From Sales and Service Cloud

Considering an FSC adoption or migration?
Join us for a special conversation with Jacob Schutt, CTO of Parallel Advisors to gain valuable insight around key platform migration decisions and how to keep your organization aligned throughout.

Speakers: Jacob Schutt, CTO, Parallel Advisors and Jon Pierre Millan, West Coast VP & Facilitator, EMS Consulting

Sharpen Your Insurance Sales Strategy with Brian Smith (Presented by EMS Consulting)

Identify how a CRM like Salesforce solves the sales process problem and learn how to diagnose the health of your sales methodology. Additionally, explore how to develop your niche of expertise and utilize the right technology to get the production you want.

Speakers: Brian Smith, The GOVCON Insurance Guy at Insurance Office of America and Taylor Richardson, Facilitator at EMS Consulting

Mortgage Industry Innovation Roundtable

Join this powerhouse of industry leaders from Salesforce, Ellie Mae, and EMS as they discuss insights and forecasts that are unique to their positions and perspectives in the Mortgage industry. They will discuss evolving technologies, platforms, and solutions. Tune in and hear about how to scale your mortgage operations through smart automation and strategically prepare for the unknown

Speakers: Geoff Green, Global Head, Mortgage & Lending at Salesforce | Stephanie Durflinger, VP of Product Management at Ellie Mae | Linda Reid, Chief Innovation Officer at EMS Consulting

Executive Mortgage Roundtable Discussion

You can now view our Mortgage round table where we had an open discussion featuring guest speaker Sarah Weber, Sales Innovation and Marketing Manager of Renasant Bank. While exploring how the Mortgage industry has evolved in 2020, we uncovered how Sarah and the Renasant team are leveraging Salesforce Financial Services Cloud along with Pardot to transform their mortgage lending processes and dramatically change their customer experience.

Speakers: Sarah Weber, Sales Innovation and Marketing Manager of Renasant Bank | Taylor Richardson, Senior Marketing Cloud Consultant at EMS Consulting

Banking In The New Normal

Hear Synovus Bank, EMS, and Salesforce discuss banking in the new normal, and how the banking industry has been able to leverage Salesforce to respond to a rapidly changing world while also maximizing value and deepening existing customer relationships. You’ll hear real stories from industry experts who used to be bogged down with siloed systems and manual processes, and learn how Salesforce has provided the infrastructure to let them become more agile and deepen customer relationships with unified cross-sell and up-sell capabilities.

Speakers: Annie Simms, RVP Financial Services of New York, Salesforce | Katherine Brock, Senior Director of Development Operations, Synovus Bank | Katherine King, Vice President of Delivery, EMS Consulting | Taylor Richardson, Facilitator, EMS Consulting