Patient Relationship Management Beyond the EHR

Healthcare organizations, providers, and payers face new challenges every day as requirements and regulations are beginning to shift. At the same time, an entirely new level of demand for patient experience rises.

New regulations and technologies are giving patients more control than ever over their own care, and the freedom to choose innovative providers that become personalized.

Salesforce Health Cloud is ready for this new world, with a platform that facilitates care in an entirely new way, while maintaining the integrity of the existing EHR.

Digitally Transform How Your Patient Experience

We can help you achieve a single source of truth and transform your health-care facility.

Patient Relationship

Health Cloud lets you get to know the person behind the patient and provides a panoramic view of each patient, connected throughout the healthcare community.

Salesforce helps industry leaders deliver that vision with unprecedented speed, and EMS Consulting can make sure you are taking full advantage of all the product has to offer.

HIPPA Compliance

Health Cloud includes tools that healthcare providers may use in order to facilitate their adherence to their compliance requirements from the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), including:

-Salesforce Shield

-A set of built-in Salesforce1 Platform features that include Field Audit Trail

-Platform Encryption

-Data Archive and Event Monitoring

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