Cloud Advisor

-By Cyndy Ferguson and Haven Blais-

Your company has made a huge investment of time and resources to deploy your Salesforce instance. You’ve spent countless hours on development, configuration, user training, and adoption. Now, there is yet another Salesforce release, of up to 600 pages of notes, and you’re overwhelmed. Where do you start? Where does your Admin or Salesforce team start? Who has time to read all those notes to find the 3 for 4 things that may make sense for your business to implement? Realistically, you haven’t even gone through last Spring’s release. It’s just too much.

Your users need to customize and extend the capabilities of Salesforce, while managers are beating the drum to see Reports and Dashboards that deliver real business intelligence. Trying to stay on the cusp of every release, while managing your day to day instance, takes time and resources away from your core business.

At EMS Consulting, we have the solution: Introducing the NEW Cloud Advisor Program.
The EMS Consulting Cloud Advisor solution focuses on your business strategy and not just tactical fixes. We have a selected team of Salesforce experts to support your organizations requirements when you need it most. Our technical services team performs services which include application development, integration, customization, migration, and other offerings as a part of our Salesforce Cloud Advisory services.
We offer a full menu of enhancements and feature enablement, such as:

    • Optimization
    • Keeping your Instance Current
    • Finding the ROI in Salesforce
    • Increasing Adoption and enhancing the user experience

In addition, EMS Consulting’s Cloud Advisor provides you with access to 90+ consultants with over 100 certifications while maintaining an intimate relationship with your Senior Consultant, who’d be your “quarterback”, and your very own Project Manager. It’s personal with us. We work in real time on your engagement. We build roadmaps together so you can see where we are every step along the way. It’s a complete partnership. Cloud Advisor is “client-friendly” with variable contract terms and retainers. We understand your business first and then make a recommendation on a custom Cloud Advisor program.

Are you ready to get the most out of your Salesforce Investment? Let us help you take your Salesforce Instance to the next level and enhance your current system. Contact a Sales Consultant at EMS Consulting today.