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Why the MeridianLink Integration with Salesforce is a Must for Digital Lending

EMS Consulting has created a streamlined bi-directional integration between MeridianLink and Salesforce. MeridianLink is a fully integrated, multi-channel financial services platform, allowing banks and credit unions to offer their customers secure banking solutions.  

 EMS has taken it one step further by integrating MeridianLink with Salesforce using the MuleSoft platform. This integration gives users access to customers, loans, accounts, and other information from MeridianLink in the Salesforce platform. 

 By Leveraging the MeridianLink API, EMS has created an integration that allows users to do most MeridianLink functions from within the Salesforce platform.  

What does it do? 

The EMS MeridianLink integration aims to provide our customers with a plug-and-play solution to synchronize data points between MeridianLink and Salesforce, most notably but not limited to Accounts, Contacts, Address Information, Loan / Onboarding Applications, etc. 

 How does it work? 

The EMS MeridianLink solution leverages MuleSoft and Salesforce standard Financial Service Cloud custom objects to describe data points in synchronization. The answer can operate in batch and real-time to ensure critical information is visible on both platforms. 

This integration allows call center staff and tellers to submit basic information to MeridianLink on behalf of a client to begin the application process. Routine updates in MeridianLink, as the application progresses through the journey, are synced back to Salesforce so call center staff, and tellers can see key data points about a client’s application without requiring access to MeridianLink or contacting another department. 


What are the benefits of this integration? 

The EMS MeridianLink integration leverages MeridianLink APIs to offer a seamless execution of MeridianLink APIs without the overhead of creating individual point-to-point integrations from within Salesforce.  

    1. Seamless data exchange – Automatically exchange data between systems to reduce manual work and streamlining operations.
    2. Improved customer service – Quickly access the most up-to-date information when customers request support. 
    3. Reduced resources and costs – Eliminate the need for IT resources or additional application development fees associated with setting up integrations. 
    4. Enhanced security protocols – Ensure data privacy and protection from unauthorized access while using the connector. 
    5. Centralized customer metrics – Understand your customers and their needs better by leveraging the Salesforce 360-degree customer view. 
    6. Enhanced marketing capabilities – Better engage with your customers by making applications available to Marketing cloud Journeys.

It’s Your Time to Make a Change

With the rapid advancement of technology, businesses are constantly striving to stay ahead of the curve. One crucial aspect of this transformation is integration, and if you have MeridianLink, using it with Salesforce is the best way to get results. We can help.

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