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How Banks, Credit Unions, and Financial Services Companies Can Make the Most of Interaction Studio

The future is here: You can speak directly to your customers. Your snappy HELOC campaign can reach its intended audience — qualified homeowners — without creating noise for everyone else. When you can target your message with this level of precision, consider the ROI you can showcase through better quality engagement, higher conversion rates, and customer loyalty.

Whether you’re a regional community bank, an investment firm, or a global brand, you now have access to simple and powerful tools to personalize your website experience: Interaction Studio.

Use Cases Focused on ROI.

With Interaction Studio working with Salesforce’s cloud-powered data, customers get a different-flavored banking experience, where messaging syncs with their live and online actions — their path to the next step in life.

Here’s a quick overview of how Interaction Studio can respond to your customers’ actions and get the relevant messaging in front of them:

  • Personalize landing pages and other critical areas of your website for members of specific marketing campaigns
  • Source: UTM data 
  • Personalize your website homepage based on what you know about your customer (e.g., account holders). Source: Customer relationship management (CRM) data
  • Recommend related content to site visitors based on recent website behavior. Source: Website behavior data

Leverage the Best of Your Tech Stack Alongside Interaction Studio

Generating ROI isn’t a magic feature that any technology platform can give you. The source of that comes from knowing your business. When you know your business, you understand how it profits, your likeliest customers and what they need at any given moment.

Various technology platforms claim they’ll bring these insights. No one platform can operate without proper integrations, building data models, and automation. 

Integration Studio’s cloud-powered technology puts these insights at your fingertips because it’s designed to leverage your tech stack instantly.

Streamlining the Tech Stack

Your Salesforce CRM — whether it’s Sales, Service, or Financial Services Cloud — is your single source of truth. This is where your most recent customer data originates.

Robust Reporting

Using Salesforce CRM and other add-ons, like Analytics Studio, Tableau, or Datorama, bring powerful reporting, analysis, and visualization capabilities to your fingertips. With simple navigation, you’ll see how your company profits and performs so that you can get a pulse on customer trends and developments.

Action to Meet the Need

With every marketing campaign and strategy, you’re identifying signposts of customer needs and creating messages that resonate. But a passive campaign doesn’t go far enough. Part of your strategy is building answers to the “need” signals you’re detecting from various channels — your website, brick-and-mortar locations, and third-party data providers. Do you have what you need to meet the moment? Your prompt and agile response with tailored, targeted messaging is critical, or that window slams shut. 

With Interaction Studio and Marketing Cloud, you can set the responses into motion instantly as soon as the “need” signals come in.

This level of response shows your customers you’re tuned in and attentive to their digital body language. When you’re this capable of responding with high-quality recommendations the way a human would in an IRL conversation, you engage the customer.

From there, you move up the ladder: High-quality engagement helps you level up to conversion, and conversion helps you level up to loyalty. That’s the power of good listening.

Laying the Groundwork: Make the Most of Interaction Studio.

If you’re like smaller marketing teams at a bank or financial institution, you’re working every day to prove the ROI of your efforts. For that reason, you may be a year or more away from adding Interaction Studio to your tech stack.

With EMS Consulting, we can give you some quick recommendations to raise the value of your marketing to make your case more convincing. At the same time, these steps can increase your readiness and preemptively improve future results with the platform. Because even without Interaction Studio, these fixes will move the needle — but expect seismic shifts afterward! Here are some things your team can start doing now: 

Invest in Website Content

Do a quick audit of your website and be realistic about how you’re reaching your various audiences.

Prioritize a clean, strong SEO strategy. Do your pages “match” with the search intent of your customers? 

Produce high-quality, original content that speaks to your various audience segments. Consider their obstacles and goals and how you’re uniquely positioned to solve their problems.

Nail the Conversions

One smart area of focus is simplifying how customers do business with you. Make a clear and easy path to conversions by focusing on improving these tools in your various channels:

  • account openings
  • loan applications
  • service enrollments
  • customer service inquiries

Clean Your Data

When you work with EMS Consulting, we constantly talk about the quality of the data. Faulty, incomplete, and out-of-date data skews that 360-degree customer view you’re after. The classic garbage in, garbage out. Getting your data in order is always an excellent use of time and resources. Aligning your organization — from the back office to frontline tellers — around data cleanliness and accuracy makes data modeling (relatively) pain-free. 

Meet Them in the Moment with Interaction Studio

Interaction Studio can transform your marketing campaigns and strategies because it brings your customers the message that meets the moment. 

Ready to talk about your goals for financial services? EMS is a top-five Salesforce partner. Talk to one of our consultants today!