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Modern-Day Contact Centers and How You Can Get There with Salesforce

Raising customer satisfaction ratings to excellent is the holy grail of contact centers. This is particularly true for banks and credit unions because it’s all about maintaining their trust in what you do.

To improve stellar service, more is needed to focus on training and cultivating a warm, welcoming voice on the other end of the line. These will only get to customers’ core frustrations when they evaluate their experience with the customer contact center.

  • Lengthy resolution times.
  • Having to repeat oneself (e.g., authenticating account information, explaining the issue that prompted the call).

Ultimately, solving these frustrations is beyond the ability of any individual employee. The solution is changing the conditions that create these frustrating experiences.

But how do you accomplish that when various lines of the business feed into one contact center? It’s common for a customer care agent to be trained on 20 or more systems to perform their jobs. During service calls, employees are toggling between multiple systems to fix problems and answer questions. That’s where financial organizations start to see the cascading effects of this clunky, unwieldy system.

The Negative Cascading Effects of a Clunky Contact Center

  • Undermines customer satisfaction. The ideal handling time for customer care calls is up for debate. But when the agent is busy in the background — typing, toggling, comparing, verifying — silence is anything but golden. The dead-air time, the transfers, waiting on hold, and anything else that keeps customers waiting and wondering is frustrating—long periods of dead-air time lower customer satisfaction ratings.
  • Agent turnover. When customers are less satisfied than they could be, agents will feel ineffective in their roles. A modernized, scalable contact center can be the impetus to seek more rewarding job opportunities.
  • Onboarding and training Woes. The costs of employee turnover and onboarding new hires are high. Some studies suggest it costs the equivalent of 6-9 months’ salary to get new hires up to speed.

The key to transforming your contact center experience is uniting these disparate information streams into a single system. If transformation were easy, all banks and credit unions would have found a better solution long ago.

Ready for the Good News?

EMS Contact Center Solution helps you accomplish unification and transformation in one simplified, prepackaged system that your bank can stand up quickly.

  • First, we took our deep expertise in Salesforce Financial Cloud as longtime implementation partners.
  • Then, EMS folded the power of this cloud-based technology into our top-of-the-line contact center system.
  • Because we included the features and functions banks and credit unions need to meet various regulatory requirements, it’s an out-of-the-box solution that gets things up and running in weeks — not months.

With the power of Salesforce and the talent and expertise of EMS Consulting, your team gains new abilities to access what they need to start helping the customer in seconds, losing the dead air time and gaining efficiency and customer satisfaction.

EMS Contact Center Capabilities

We’ll offer an overview of EMS Contact Center Solution capabilities and how its integration with Financial Cloud will improve service for your account holders and your team.

Financial Cloud integration

With each interaction, Financial Cloud provides your customer care rep a 360-degree look at each customer, pulling together the various accounts and recognizing household data. That’s because Salesforce pulls data from multiple lines of business into one customer relationship management system. At the same time, EMS Contact Center Solution integrates the core banking system to make it work together seamlessly.

Smarter reporting

Reduce your reliance on cumbersome spreadsheets. Access to real-time analytics improves productivity, letting your team respond to situations with unprecedented agility.

Out-of-the-box implementation

Stay on schedule with rapid implementation. Get up and running in 90 days — not months or a year from now. Because it’s tailor-made for banks and credit unions, customizations are minor.

Omnichannel communication

EMS Contact Center solution is CTI compatible and integrates seamlessly with financial service telephony systems. As customer care reps receive calls routed from the automated system, they’ll have the information to dive right into their issue.

Other omnichannel capabilities:

  • Email to Case
  • Web to Case
  • Chat
  • Text
  • Screen Pops

Better productivity

When the answers to your customers’ questions are easy to get to, everyone spends less time on the phone. But we don’t stop with integration. EMS Contact Center solutions give your contact center the lift to help them get more done in less time.

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Uncluttered desktop
  • Cloud-based voice capabilities
  • Built-in scripts, layouts, and workflows

Capture more leads

Because our system integrates the power of Salesforce cloud technology, your bankers get access to better leads.

  • The AI features in Salesforce have the intelligence to provide highly targeted and specific Next Best Action and Next Best Products.
  • These referrals get assigned to the appropriate employee for a chance to earn incentives.

Why EMS Consultants?

  • Many of our team members have decades of experience in banking services. We walk in the door speaking your language, with a deep familiarity with your challenges, ready to start.
  • We’ve completed thousands of Salesforce implementations for our financial clients. We build on this experience, getting more robust and more intelligent.
  • We’re consultants, not order-takers. If you’re looking to level up on your customer care, we have the pulse on best practices so that you can achieve your benchmarks. At the same time, we can tailor-fit our system to meet the unique configurations of your organization.

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