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Operational Excellence in Insurance:
Leverage the Integration of Applied Epic and Salesforce

EMS Consulting’s Applied Epic Insurance Connector is a powerful enterprise solution that enables insurance companies to connect their policy, claims, and billing systems to the Salesforce CRM Platform. Organizations can quickly and easily access and analyze data in real-time by combining these systems.

How Does It Work?

The Connector leverages MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform, making setting up and configuring integrations between different systems seamless. The integration process is is backed by industry-leading experts, enabling a quick time-to-value with minimal effort. Once integrated, organizations can benefit from increased efficiency as they no longer have to manually switch between systems or spend time searching for relevant data.

What Does the Integration Provide?

The Connector provides complete visibility into the entire lifecycle of an insurance policy – from creation and retrieval of policies to claim processing, payment processing, and policy cancellations – which helps streamline operations and improve customer experience. Additionally, the Connector is built on robust security protocols that provide data privacy and protection from unauthorized access.

The Salesforce integration with Applied Epic through MuleSoft is a powerful combination that enables organizations to leverage their existing tech stack and extend core processes with integrated data.

Leveraging Two Scalable Platforms

Integrating Salesforce and Applied Epic through MuleSoft supports many use cases, including bi-directional data exchange, transactions, contact management, case management, document retrieval, and more. With this integrated solution, organizations can automate processes between the two applications while ensuring seamless data flow without disrupting business operations.

Integrating Applied Epic with Salesforce provides organizations with a range of critical benefits, including:

  1. Easy updates to both systems saving both time and money
  2. Single view of the entire customer base so all sides of the business to cross-sell, up-sell and close deals.
  3. Workflows and automation built to fit your specific business needs.
  4. Robust analytics and reporting to make smart decisions about your book of business
  5. Improved stakeholder relationships through a better understanding of their needs and preferences
  6. Increased sales and boosted productivity with a true lead and opportunity process and triggers that save time and minimize errors

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