EMS Consulting Integration Team

Reshape Your Outdated Lending Process with MeridianLink and Salesforce

How long does it take your organization to process your deals from lead to close? How do you plan to close the gap with online lenders and their ability to achieve rapid answers in a matter of minutes or even seconds? Sure, you can one-up the online lenders in every other aspect of your products and services. Customers can reliably reach a human being to help with their most pressing questions. Perhaps your retention rate is the envy of your peers. Above all, customers trust you.

But if managing your various financial solutions is getting in the way of meeting borrower timelines, it may be time to evaluate whether the right API connection can provide the lift you need to transform the lending experience. In this case, we are specifically referring to the EMS MeridianLink Connector even though this information ring true all the same.

Challenge: Coping with Manually Intensive Processes in a Digital Market

Even if your services and practices are top-notch, it’s important to be attentive to how consumer expectations are shifting. They understand and accept that technology can do a lot of heavy lifting to streamline the lending process, and it can do so safely. Tech tools make it possible for online lenders to get stuff done in a fraction of the time you can. The good news is that you can borrow from the online lender’s playbook. With the right tools, you too can process loans faster and better — without losing your grasp on the integrity and trust that are foundational to your organization.

Your Patchwork System

Your lending system relies on multiple financial solutions, patched together. Each of these systems is essential. However, moving between them is clunky and creates redundancies and opportunities for error. Everyone works as swiftly as possible, but a lot of time and resources are devoted to moving through various processes.

Slower Service Breeds Dissatisfaction

While you’re busy in the background, customers are waiting for answers. Loans change lives. While they wait, they can’t help but notice other lenders could have wrapped this up more quickly. And that attitude is starting to appear in the J.D. Power U.S. Consumer Lending Satisfaction Study. The 2021 study reflects that slower application times, as well as tighter credit criteria, are linked to lower borrower dissatisfaction.

The Solution: Unite and Integrate Your Financial Systems With an API

Gaining speed on your lead-to-loan workflow requires more than finding the right management style for teams and individuals. Taking your increasingly outmoded system and updating it will help you align with borrowers’ expectations of service and speed.

EMS’s MeridianLink Connector unites all the disparate systems around lending and borrower information. All activity, communication, and collaboration flow into one system. Lenders and underwriters can spend more time focused on customer-focused tasks. Customers get answers and their funds more quickly. The result: Higher satisfaction for the win. Here’s how to do it.


MeridianLink helps transform the lending experience for customers to one that is smarter, swifter, and less error-prone with a single loan origination system. With more than 1,000 configuration points and 200 third-party integrations, MeridianLink is the SaaS that streamlines and consolidates multiple applications into a single system.

Other Benefits Include:

  • Automates the underwriting process
  • Streamlines manual tasks to complete a loan application
  • Provides intelligence to move applications through the pipeline.

EMS Connects MeridianLink to Salesforce Financial Cloud

Gain more lending power with our API, which connects MeridianLink through Salesforce Financial Cloud, which consolidates and syncs your lending system with your borrower information. EMS is a longtime implementation partner in Salesforce Financial Cloud, so our system is reliable and built with financial professionals in mind. Here’s a look at how it works and how it lets you achieve more.

Bi-directional Integration

Bi-directional integration between SalesForce and MeridianLink eliminates manual tasks of toggling between platforms and entering customer data from scratch. This two-way flow of information creates new tasks and emails from SalesForce, so the customer gets a fast, real-time update on the status of their loan. It sends tasks and updates to the loan officer. Hence, they have their hands on the best next task and follow-up, including underwriting conditions, adverse credit alerts, appraisal updates, and overdue documentation.

Better Insights

Real-time analytics synthesizes customer data quickly, giving lenders insightful risk assessments and decision-making.

Gain Efficiency Across the Product Lines

EMS Connector’s capabilities go beyond lending services. It funnels customer data into other product lines, including new accounts and lines of credit. Because it does away with time-consuming, duplicated data entry across your various financial solutions, it reduces the opportunity for human error and lets employees focus on serving customers.

Better Targeting

The cross-qualifying function generates the next-best-action recommendations for lenders and bankers, along with personalized customer offers. Through an automatic analytic process, the customer receives messaging most relevant to their lives and goals, creating more innovative opportunities for upselling and cross-selling.

Faster, Smarter Help.

EMS Connector provides a 360-degree view of the customer, along with the lifecycle of the loans and other financial accounts. That’s a golden opportunity that helps all customer-facing employees do their job faster and wiser. They can quickly get their hands on everything they need about the customer without the toggling and uncomfortably long pauses.

Ready to close more loans while delighting borrowers with your swift, smart service? Learn more about what EMS MeridianLink Connector can do for your lending organization, and schedule a consultation today.