Why We Love Salesforce.com, and Why You Should Too!

There is a reason that Salesforce is the world’s leading cloud-based CRM. In fact, there are several, but let’s talk about the big five here. The top five reasons that people fall in love with Salesforce.

First, simply calling Salesforce a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform is quite an understatement. Obviously, it is first and foremost a CRM – designed to help you create and manage great customer experiences. With Salesforce as your CRM, your sales and marketing, and customer service teams can gather information about, and better understand every customer or client, delivering just the right message at just the right time. By collecting and analyzing customer data and information, you can make better decisions to close more business, reduce the cost of service, and also keep every customer satisfied. What’s not to love about that?

The second reason people are so enamored with Salesforce is that it is in the cloud – so your team can access it anywhere. The cloud also means that because remote servers handle the computing and storage, you don’t necessarily need an expensive, high-end machine to get your work done. In fact, you can operate Salesforce, for the most part from your smartphone.
All CRM as a vertical is shifting toward cloud computing and Salesforce.com is the leader in cloud computing, offering a complete set of CRM cloud applications, a cloud platform, and a cloud infrastructure – This means it is more cost effective for a higher return on investment, and who doesn’t love putting more in the bank?

Another reason users are head-over-heels for Salesforce is that it is so flexible – so you can get it to work for you, the way YOU want. Salesforce gives the end user complete freedom to customize the CRM for your specific business. The best way to boost CRM adoption by your sales team is to make sure it works the way they do and Salesforce, better than any other CRM, does just that. Put a ring on it, this relationship just gets better with time!

People also love the Salesforce AppExchange – This is the number one destination for great pre-build business applications – not only for your CRM , but beyond. This is THE cloud-computing app marketplace for businesses. Developed and hosted by Salesforce.com, you have access to thousands of useful, secure and verified applications built by others in the Salesforce community. You can even develop and market your own app here, it a total love-fest.

Finally, and the reason people actually get Salesforce cloud tattoos … Salesforce is more than a CRM – It is a linked up, infinitely customizable platform for your business that works as hard as you do to make your business grow. It is not just a CRM; it is a cloud-based platform – a complete IT infrastructure for your business, hosted on their servers on top of which you can build completely bespoke applications to suit all your business requirements. You can use Salesforce for just one simple thing or as a multi-level, joined up platform for all that you do: a contact management system; a sales pipeline management tool; your marketing machine; finance management system or any number of other business applications, all in one place.

Salesforce, How do we love thee? Let us count the ways.