Project Description

Integration Platform for Connecting SAAS and Enterprise Applications

Since 2005, EMS has led over 1800 complex enterprise integration initiatives offering a one stop shop for customers.

Our extensive integration experience offers a fully combined solution in both MuleSoft and Salesforce solutions to optimize your system integration requirements.

Across the broad spectrum of Salesforce integration needs, integration patterns emerge regarding how to best address integration challenges.

EMS is uniquely positioned to lead and develop MuleSoft iPaaS and Salesforce Platform initiatives that enables Salesforce customers a unified approach to comprehensive integration projects.

We Can Connect Anything

EMS Consulting has been integrating Sales, Service, and Marketing cloud solutions with with With MuleSoft, Salesforce’s integration platform.

We have integrated with SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, E-Business Suite, multiple Financial applications, and Electronic Health Record systems.

Seamless Data Migration

In addition to integration, another very important part of a Salesforce implementation is migrating or importing data.

EMS Consulting’s industry experts have deep knowledge of the data, processes, and services that are essential for a smooth transition to the cloud.

EMS & MuleSoft

Practice and Partnership

EMS Consulting is a one stop shop for Salesforce customers. Our extensive experience leverages knowledge of both MuleSoft and Salesforce platforms, allowing us to maximize solutions across industries from financial services, healthcare, and the retail sectors.

We’ve provide dservices for MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform™ iPaaS over the last 6 years to provide a complete solution for API-led connectivity that creates a seamless application network in the cloud.

As a MuleSoft partner since 2013, EMS specializes in MuleSoft consulting, including successfully implementing your MuleSoft Platform.

We have extensive experience in leading large enterprise integration projects since 2005, combined with over 500+ Salesforce implementations.

In addition, having handled over 250+ MuleSoft related Integrations/implementations, nearly 90% of our team are certified Mule Architects / Developers.

Engagement Models

  • Architecture Design Review (ADR): Need an assessment on your architecture configuration and infrastructure? We send in our certified architects to review, assess, and provide a document with our findings and considerations.
  • Solutions Based Initiatives: We work with your team to get you ramped up with our “Fast Start” program and provide implementation of your solution from idea to delivery on the Mule platform.
  • Ad-Hoc Development: Have a variety of unorganized projects? We provide a larger bucket-of-hours that you can tap into while we provide certified resources to push through the challenges.
  • Staff Augmentation: Not wanting to live the life-cycle of resource search, hire, train and attrition? EMS will provide you with certified resources to ensure your projects are successful.
  • Offshore Economics: EMS has solid java development team and a certified MuleSoft offshore team who can help you manage costs.

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