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World’s Number One Sales Platform

Take control of your sales process with the world’s number one CRM.  With the right implementation, Sales Cloud can help you to find customers, close deals, and grow existing accounts faster. Sales Cloud is able to do all of this while at the same time collect valuable data that will give you actionable insights enabling you to constantly optimize your sales process.

At EMS Consulting, we are your Salesforce Sales Cloud implementation partner, and we want you to not only feel confident in your purchase of Sales Cloud, but also in our ability to make sure you achieve the highest possible return on your investment. With hundreds of implementations under our belt, we help transform your customer relationship to take advantage of all the digital age has to offer.


Simplify With Apps

Use powerful automation tools to simplify and standardize your sales process.  Whether it is an automated email alert to sales managers when key deals are in the pipeline, or seamlessly sending branded quotes at the push of a button, Sales Cloud can transform your current sales operations.

Sales Across All Channels

It is time to meet your prospects and customers on their terms.  Whether they want to engage via the phone, email, or even text message, Sales Cloud provides a centralized platform to move the sales cycle forward.

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