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The World’s Number One Service Platform

A well planned customer experience strategy is critical and determines your success and defining the ultimate customer experience can be overwhelming. With Salesforce service cloud you can start your journey with every touchpoint in mind. From self-service portals to knowledge management, live chat software to mobile service, the Lightning Console delivers the tools your agents need in a unified, multi-monitor desktop, giving them a complete view of the customer and a single source of truth.

At EMS Consulting, we are your Salesforce Service Cloud implementation partner, and we want you to not only feel confident in your purchase of Service Cloud, but also in our ability to make sure you achieve the highest possible return on your investment. With over a thousand implementations under our belt, we help you take advantage of all that Salesforce Service Cloud has to offer.


Case Management Best Practices

Successfully growing your business and scaling customer success is embedding best practices into your customer service solution. The basic concept of case management involves the timely collaboration of quality services to address customer needs in a cost-effective manner.

Deliver Consistent Service Across Channels

Service Cloud is the cloud-based customer service solution that brings together all of your support channels, so your agents can deliver service to your customers seamlessly, regardless of how they contact your service department.

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