Power Your B2B Sales with Pardot

Pardot Lightning lets your Sales and Marketing teams engage your target audience, measure ROI, and gain critical insights to help close deals faster.

Pardot allows collaboration across Marketing and Sales teams by integrating reporting, streamlining processes, and bringing in more quality leads that can be nurtured for Sales readiness.

The Pardot Partnership You’ve Been Looking For

Pardot Implementations
with EMS Consulting

When you partner with EMS Consulting on your Pardot Implementation, our team of experts will focus on getting your Pardot instance ready to use by building automations for your specific Sales and Marketing processes, customizing your reporting for your most important business stakeholders, and enabling your team to ultimately focus on increasing your opportunity to close ratio.

Ongoing Pardot Support & Training with EMS Cloud Advisor

The EMS Cloud Advisor program grants ongoing access to our team of Pardot and Salesforce experts who can help train and support your new Pardot instance however you need us. We can help analyze areas of your Marketing Strategy that could use a boost, assist with emails and campaigns, and even provide training to internal teams.


EMS Helps Customize Your Pardot Instance


Perform actions, evaluate logic, and create rules based on how your prospect has engaged with your Marketing assets.

Email Template Builder

Create beautiful responsive email templates with just a few clicks. Preview emails across 25+ different email clients and personalize them with Variable Tags or Handlebar Merge Language to increase prospect satisfaction. You can even reroute leads back to a single inbox.


Build Automation Rules to target specific prospects, make changes, and/or automate actions based on fields and activity in Salesforce and Pardot. Say ‘goodbye’ to manual tasks and ‘hello’ to more bandwidth for your internal teams.

B2B Marketing Analytics

Utilize Lenses and Dashboards to tailor reports for any audience – even picky executives. Bring in Salesforce data to see how your Sales Team is doing on Pipeline, or utilize the out of the box dashboards and reports.


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