By The EMS Marketing Cloud Team

If you work with, you have probably heard about Marketing Cloud, but what is Marketing Cloud, and how can it help your business?

Simply put, Marketing Cloud is Salesforce’s solution for digital marketing and marketing automation. It is made up of many components called Studios and Builders, and provides comprehensive solutions for just about every marketing use case you can think of. In addition, because it is a Salesforce product, it can seamlessly integrate with the Salesforce CRM giving you the ability to enhance your marketing using your Salesforce CRM data.

So, whether you want to marketing to your customers across many channels like email, social, mobile; personalize your customer’s experience with your Salesforce data; provide customized journeys to guide your customers through their marketing experience, monitor what is being said about you and your competitors on social media or respond to customers real-time on their preferred social channel; or report on and analyze marketing data as it compares to your KPIs, Marketing Cloud has the solution for you.

As we said, Marketing Cloud is made up of Studios and Builders. These are the building blocks of a great marketing automation solution.  There are many great ones to use that cover most of your marketing needs, and Marketing Cloud is always adding new features as marketing evolves. Let’s take a quick look at the Studios and Builders of Marketing Cloud.

Email Studio

  • Email Studio is the heart of Marketing Cloud. It houses the Content Builder application that allows marketers a streamlined and easy to use UI to create powerful email messages, as well as providing a flexible, yet powerful data model to allow you to pull in data from many different sources and produce the data you need to personalize and implement even the most complicated email sends and personalized journeys.

Journey Builder

  • With Journey Builder you can create personalized customer journeys with drag and drop components that reach across channels to deliver the right message at the right time.

Mobile Studio

  • Targeting your customers across multiple channels is one of the strengths of Marketing Cloud, and Mobile Studio is the way to reach your customers via SMS messages, push notifications, and group messages.

Social Studio

  • Social Studio allows you to listen, analyze and engage with your customers via social media. If you are curious as to what your customers are saying about you and about your competitors online, then you should take advantage of everything that Social Studio has to offer. Social Studio is a powerful tool to give you a full 360-degree view of what your customers are saying to give you the insight to make strategic marketing decisions based on real data. Further, Social Studio allows you to interact in real-time with your customers when issues or questions come up.

Advertising Studio

  • Advertising Studio lets you use CRM and Marketing Cloud data in your social and display ad accounts to better personalize and target your online advertising.

Interaction Studio

  • Interaction Studio allows you to drive relevant, cross-channel engagement through the lifecycle of the customer. It helps you with visualizing, tracking and managing customer experiences, even while they are still anonymous, to deliver relevant content at every stage of the customer’s journey.


  • Datorama allows you to better visualize your data and compare it against your companies marketing KPIs to allow you to make strategic decisions in the digital marketing space.

If you are interested in more information about Marketing Cloud or about any of the Studios and Builders that can help propel your digital marketing to new heights, let us know at EMS. We have a staff of certified and experienced consultants that are experts in Marketing Cloud and are ready to help you reach your marketing goals.