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5 Ways to Get Maximum Value from nCino and Salesforce

In the crowded field of digital banking solutions, nCino has established a reputation as the platform of choice for financial institutions ready to get serious about efficiency, performance, and customer service.

Over 1,750 banks and financial institutions use nCino’s digital banking platform – and they’ve achieved fantastic results. nCino customers report higher account opening rates, faster loan closing times, lower delinquency rates, increased customer satisfaction, and higher overall efficiency.

Sounds great, right?

nCino is great, and you can get excellent results by using it – but there’s a caveat. Because nCino is so powerful, it’s not something you just turn on. It would help if you did more than blindly implement the solution with any partner to get the best possible results.

What do we mean by “do more”?

Don’t worry – we’re about to tell you.

5 Ways to Take Your nCino Results to the Next Level

Whether your company is new to nCino or looking to get more value and optimization from an existing nCino solution, there are steps you can take to boost efficiency and improve results.

We’re a nCino (and Salesforce) partner with years of experience helping banks, and credit unions maximize nCino performance and value.

For this article, we’ve polled our experts and compiled a list of 5 of the most impactful things you can do to ensure you’re taking full advantage of the nCino platform.

Personalize nCino to Meet Your Unique Needs

nCino was created by bankers for bankers, meaning the platform is purpose-built to support workflows, processes, and activities at global financial institutions.

Here’s the thing: while most banks and credit unions generally offer the same products and services and carry out the same activities, the details and processes are different at every institution.

And, regarding nCino, the value is in the details. An out-of-the-box nCino implementation gives you access to incredible features but may not 100% match your business’s specific goals and unique needs.

Fortunately, nCino is built on Salesforce, a highly flexible and scalable platform. Rather than trying to adapt your processes and workflows to fit nCino, you can (and should) utilize nCino to streamline your business processes as needed.

Taking the time to truly map out your needs does take more planning and preparation than the out-of-the-box route, but the effort pays off quickly with higher adoption, better efficiency, and faster progress toward your goals.

Integrate nCino With Core Systems & Productivity Tools

nCino is an “end-to-end platform” that helps you transform everything from customer relationship management and account opening to loan origination and credit analysis.

While this claim is valid, this seamless connectivity is achieved in a particular way: integrations.

nCino, integrated with your core systems and productivity tools, will transform how you work, elevate your customer experience, and power sustainable growth.

Since nCino is built on the Salesforce platform, you can integrate with almost any third-party tool.

Here are some high-ROI integration suggestions to consider:

  • Integrate nCino with LOS tools like Encompass to speed up time-to-close and eliminate swivel-chairing
  • Integrate nCino with core banking systems like Symitar to unlock the power of your core customer data without sacrificing security.
  • Integrate nCino with document management tools like Docusign to speed up & simplify onboarding, account opening, loan approvals, and many other workflows.
  • Integrate nCino with Salesforce Experience Cloud to set up and manage customer-favorite self-service portals.

Optimize nCino Workflows With Automation & Best Practices

nCino’s extreme flexibility can be a double-edged sword for financial institutions looking to maximize performance.

On the one hand, you can make nCino do almost anything your bank or credit union wants. Conversely, just because you can make nCino do something a certain way doesn’t mean you should.

Put another way, just because something “works” when you set it up in nCino doesn’t mean it’s the best way to do it. And suboptimal processes and data structure can slow down workflows, cause errors, corrupt data and rob your nCino experience as an ROI-producing performance booster.

This is where EMS Consulting truly shines.

There are best practices around how to structure data, automate workflows, name fields, and get the most value out of nCino’s unique features and capabilities.

We recommend taking the time to learn these best practices and implement them for your nCino solution. You, your employees, and your customers will all be glad you did.

Keep Improving through Strategic Development

Business needs, market conditions, and customer expectations change constantly – and so should your approach.

We’re not talking about change for the sake of change. We’re talking about strategic development that helps you identify areas for improvement, take advantage of opportunities, and accelerate progress toward your goals.

Strategic development doesn’t have to be fast, but it does need to be steady. You shouldn’t try to accomplish everything simultaneously, rush the process, or stretch your budget.

Instead, you should work with leadership, IT, users, and other vital nCino stakeholders to develop and execute a prioritized long-term nCino roadmap that gets you where you want to go, one project at a time.

Work With a Partner Who Understands the Industry + nCino + Salesforce

Customize, integrate, optimize, strategic improvement … We’ve given you quite a list of action items.

Here’s the good news: you don’t have to do it alone. Working with an experienced partner is the best way to complete our suggested actions and maximize the value your organization gets from nCino.

A good partner will work with your team to evaluate your needs, understand your goals, and develop & implement a plan of action that leads quickly to tangible results.

They’ll save you time, improve efficiency, help you customize & optimize nCino, and ensure you’re up to date on all nCino best practices. The right partner will also provide strategic advice and ensure you’re set up for long-term success.

So how do you find the right partner?

Look for a partner with extensive experience with nCino, Salesforce, and the financial industry. There are several good partners who fit this criteria.

It’s a good idea to talk to multiple partners to find one that fits your needs, culture, and budget.

If you’ve found this article helpful, we suggest starting your search with EMS!

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